Mealtime Adventures with Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt

“AHHHH! Throw me a rope”, I hear you cry. ” I’m going under! No longer can I navigate these stormy mealtime seas! If another wave of kiddy moaning hits, I may just jump overboard! I’m in need of a healthy eating game!”
“Take heart brave mummy….” yells Captain Gotrovo.  “We’ll save you!”
Jump aboard and we’ll turn mealtime stress into success aboard the Great Ship Gotrovo. It’s time to create some mealtime adventures! The waves may be crashing down around us, but look how our motely crew is eating their greens and fruit. Not a trace of scurvy amongst them!
It’s all about the FUN and IMAGINATION….turn it into a game and kids will do ANYTHING!

Want to join our healthy eating games?

Do you have a fussy, picky or slow eater? A child that won’t stay at the table? Is your child WHHAAYY too focused on treats? Are your walls decorated with vegetables; is your dog turning into a pillow on legs because SOMEONE has to eat the food you’ve lovingly prepared? 
Well, if mealtimes feel more like feeding time at the zoo, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to put GOOD FOOD and GREAT FUN on the menu, and solve all your mealtime problems with our healthy eating games!
Turn mealtime stress into success with our expert-endorsed, dinner-set and game – who will make it around the treasure trail on their dinner mat to find the reward card at the end?!
By encouraging them to travel the treasure trail and engage in this simple motivational game, your children will focus on their food, be encouraged to try new things and show better behaviours – making meals fun and your life easier…and just that little bit healthier!
Created by mums, inspired by kids, and made for happy mealtimes! And we offer discounts for multi-buys too!
Still need convincing? …Watch this independent video review from The Guilty Mummy!
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You can learn more about how our healthy eating games work by watching our video – introducing Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt!

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