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Welcome to Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games.


We love to see parents and children connecting…with each other and with the world around them. Our company came to life because we were inspired by our kids. They fired our vision to create timeless, magical moments that families can share together. And they inspired us to show them that you can achieve anything you want to, if you look for the treasure at the end of the rainbow. We hope that by spreading this magic, imagination and inspiration through our range of unique treasure hunt games, we can help to create a generation who will always look for that treasure.

Come Sail with Us on Our Merry Adventure!


This is probably the best toy/game I've ever purchased
I found this when googling toys for active kids. This is probably the best toy/game I've ever purchased. Such a great idea.
My grandson who is 4 would play this non-stop all day if he could.
Jean, USA, 17 August 2016

One of the Best Things I Ever Bought!

My son LOVES this!! It's one of the best things I ever bought! Only problem .... my son never wants to stop playing it! I cannot say enough how great this product is!

20 Jan 2017 / USA

Buy one, you won’t regret it!

This Dinner Set and Game is AMAZING!! It’s really fantastic quality and great fun. Our 4 year old has actually tried new foods and eaten vegetables which were previously avoided at all costs!!! It has made mealtimes a fun and positive experience and I feel she is eating a more balanced diet. 

June 8, 2017 / UK

A Magical Gotrovo Experience!
I have never witnessed anything like it!!! Suddenly, a tired group of 4 children (ages 7,4 and 3) were so excited, enthusiastic, self-directed, group-minded and engaged in your game!!! One child would plant the treasure and they worked out their own way of arranging the Treasure Hunt with the game. In other words, they did not ask any of the adults for ANYTHING for two hours!!
Louise, Sydney, 17 Nov 2017

My 3 year old son is obsessed with this game!

He has asked to do a treasure hunt every day since we bought it, even to do it again straight after one game has finished. The mix of picture and riddle clues are great, as he can either see from the picture himself or work out a riddle that has been read to him. 

Elisel, 25 Aug 2017 / UK

Fabulous present idea!!
The recipients, a girl of 3 and a boy of 6, were really excited - the game was an instant hit and both sets of parents commented on how nice it was to receive something out of the ordinary!
Kate, 8 Jan 2014 / UK
Thank you from our entire family!
My son is usually too busy to sit and eat a full meal with us. With this, he is excited to play his dinner game! 
It is such a relief to not have to fight him to stay in his seat. Thank you from our entire family!
Jessica Spateson, USA, 23 January 2017

Great Product!

Fabulous picnic fun, which involved all the family! Four year old to seventy four year old took part!

Everything you need in one box!! And can be used again and again!

19 August 2017 / UK

Very successful!!
My daugther (8) called it "EPIC" (word of the moment!) and my son (6) said "9/10 I had to eat that yucky fish" But he ate it! 
Sophie A. 3 Nov 2017 / UK

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